I cringe when I use my Freak category. I see a human being when I look at this picture. You can make it seem as if she holds her arms behind her back, if you crop the picture. I cringed when I wrote about her possible as a sex life because I hated invading her privacy. The Miley Cyrus twerking bothered me because I see the marketing machine, not because she twerked. Sex is part of the human experience and I look at this picture and see someone who wants to be as complete as humanly possible. Lost body parts and overpopulation listed as my worst nightmares, but I notice that I do not cringe when I look at her, so I’m over one fear; nine billion arms and legs on regular human beings would still freak me out. I have had a hard time putting her out of my mind. She did not have children and I feel sad few will look and see the human being. Freak has become an elevated status in my mind. If an afterlife exists, I hope what I wrote in my last in my last post and this one makes her happy and appreciates me thinking of her.

To clarify: I cringe when many people will see wrong intent in my post and my use of the term “freak.” I guess I’m a freak in the way I think.


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