What did the tattoos on the Timucuan warrior mean? This depiction may or may not offer a clue. Most people do not tattoo corporate logos on their bodies, but in this consumer driven culture — logos still wrap around us. What if the skin of the hunter acted as a diary of the hunt. You can also use the apply the notch on the warrior’s bow to the warrior’s skin.I’m more concerned with allusions I might use in my book. A logo war might venture into one of my chapters. Florida seems to specialize in cruise lines, theme parks, food, and sex. Maybe a food fight at an erotic Tupperware party on a Disney cruise ship as Carnival cruise ships fire Legos at their competition? I just want to parallel tribal wars to corporate wars of today. We have gang wars and gang tatts in today’s world, but few people will be familiar with their names and symbols. Just thinking out loud, online.