Historical Halloween


Ybor City held Guavaween last weekend and I had an idea about a theme for next year. Ybor has a Speakeasy past, so costumes from the Flapper and Gangster era would match the scene. Use of the movies from the era would broaden the costume choice. To further broaden the choice, add in alternate forms like zombie Flappers and Al Capone in Bermuda shorts.

I believe Evelyn Brent (top pics) was the first star to rise out of Tampa. She played a lady Robin Hood (top left) and her gender bending fits considering her connections to the lesbian world. Maud Allan as Salome (bottom left) and Theda Bara as Cleopatra (bottom right) do not have Florida links, but they represent the popular movies of the era.

Two things relate to my book: I am considering styling a scene in a building from the bootlegger era and Salome has a small role.



Flappers on Motorcycles


Biketoberfest , here in Florida, features many scantily clad women. Hazel Eaton (bottom left and the woman up front in the top pic) rode through our state with a different style. The daring ladies in the early 1900’s probably went with Flapper headdress and pants. Motorheads might like the pic on the bottom right (OUTWEST PHOTOS has it for sell on Ebay).

I’m just searching for Florida trivia to Easter egg into my book. Eaton looks like a candidate.

When Beauty Turns Interesting


I search for Florida related icons and Gloria Swanson does make somewhat of a fit. She spent part of her youth in Key West and I can imagine her face on a Hollyweird dollar bill. Swanson accepted the parody of Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard and created a classic. Megan Fox flashed in as a hot body a few years back; has she flashed out? Hot bods are like gunfighters; someone always awaits to look down at the cold body. Swanson dug herself out of the grave to move from the silent era and into the talkies. How many hot bods can pull off a similar trick?

I may use the word, “glorious swansong. to allude to Swanson; if I find an appropriate spot during my revision process. Swanson held a lot of gravitas in her rather small body; her personality might fit in my dwarf character.

The Cinderella Formula


Storytelling has a formula and Cinderella has been used as an example. Cinderella like Batman, Superman, and Harry Potter is an orphan. Harry’s life with his new family by no coincidence mirrors Cinderella’s situation. The hoodlums taking over Gotham only varies slightly from Cinderella’s step-family and the bullies of Hogwarts.

Mary Poppins is a fairy godmother who grabbed a starring role, but similar magic moments appear in both tales. Jor-El acts as Superman’s fairy godmother.

Every tale is about a life journey and the carriage ride represents the rising action. Cinderella rides a high to the ball, but her life slips back down when the slipper falls off. The Fart is a funnier description of this pivotal moment, so I used an image by WorldTraveller101 on Wikimedia to portray the moment. The cute mice turned into stallions turn into rats and the carriage become a rotting pumpkin. Her high becomes a low.

The Prince arriving to pit the slipper back on is the redemption moment. She now has a new life which is supposed to be a happy ever after, but we all know heaven can turn into hell.

I prefer to write naturally, but I will examine my mechanics as I edit and revise. My plot analysis probably looks as erratic as my electrocardiogram., maybe this simpler form can aid me as I edit.