I search for Florida related icons and Gloria Swanson does make somewhat of a fit. She spent part of her youth in Key West and I can imagine her face on a Hollyweird dollar bill. Swanson accepted the parody of Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard and created a classic. Megan Fox flashed in as a hot body a few years back; has she flashed out? Hot bods are like gunfighters; someone always awaits to look down at the cold body. Swanson dug herself out of the grave to move from the silent era and into the talkies. How many hot bods can pull off a similar trick?

I may use the word, “glorious swansong. to allude to Swanson; if I find an appropriate spot during my revision process. Swanson held a lot of gravitas in her rather small body; her personality might fit in my dwarf character.


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