Blood suckers have found haven in South Florida for ages, but swamp devils (Vampire fetishists) have moved in with our bedeviling swamp angels (mosquitoes). Marilyn Manson is a little more than a Vampire fetishist, but it is in his resume and Florida has a big role in his bio. Manson delivers Goth Metal Cabaret to his fans. An odd fusion, but it works like vamps in Miami and Manson adores odd fusion. Ever notice how Burlesque dancers take off Cabaret style clothing to Cabaret style song. Burlesque also creeps into Manson’s bio. If you listen to his music, you shouldn’t wonder why he married a Burlesque dancer (Dita Von Teese) and has an album called, The Golden Age of Grotesque.

I only planned one allusion for Manson, but I may need to reconsider and refer to him more often. After all, my book centers around Florida, freaks , cults, cabaret through the Cabeiri. and striptease through Innana. Manson’s puzzle looks much like mine.

It isn’t surprising that Miami held host to the Vampire’s Ball or has a Vampire themed strip joint, but I added the images to show proof.


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