Angelina Jolie – A Puritan? Where do I get such a notion. Last year an article ran about Angelina’s disdain for Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims were not Puritans; they were Separatists. What did they separate from? The Church of England which split off of the Roman Catholic Church. The former in essence made the king a Pope, while Roman Catholics preferred the their Pope to share the bed with the Emperor. Puritans wanted power over England – they essentially wanted their own Pope. Pilgrims took an “agree to disagree” approach; they took a step toward separating Church and State. The Pilgrims did not come to kill Native Americans; they came because of the Catholic Inquisition and the Church of England’s similarity in persecuting those who do not conform to Big Religion. Feel free to have beer; just like the Pilgrims apparently did, and be thankful you are not a wine snob. Be thankful for the Pilgrims who helped give us freedom of religion. Maybe Angelina prefers enslavement, by Inquisition, to a Pope. Puritans and Catholics both burned witches; the Pilgrims for the most part just tried to survive.

That’s  Cotton Mather face, by the way.



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