If they filmed a 1950’s circus movie, these two may be too outlandish to star. They both found an audience in porn. I’m sure both, Bridget Powers (Bridget the Midget and Joan Marie Laurer (Chyna), came to acceptance that they did not fit the Twiggy style supermodel category, early in life. I’m sure they also found out men did not always stick to a shallow beauty pool.

Chyna switched entertainment industries when she went from professional wrestling, but it is still the entertainment industry. She is a big girl, she can obviously make her own decisions. Health issues in the sex industry are legitimate concerns, but morality judgments often fail in their ethics. Does someone have the right to exploit themselves? If they waste a talent more beneficial to society, it is a shame. Our society probably rewards entertainment, too much, and there is a problem if a math genius sees more money posing for pics than in science. My next few posts will explore the exploitation issue.

Different is often much the same. Giants and dwarfs share many problems; the problems just come from different angles. Chyna doesn’t truly qualify as a giant, but she shares a similar image. The inclusion of Chyna in my last post just brought to mind, Bridget. They make an interesting pair.



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