Women who like to show off their sexy should give thanks to the Bunnies. If you read about Pre-Code Hollywood; you will see how Catholics put the lock-down on feminine wiles. Bunny Yeager put forth her belief that women like to feel sexy and with her camera she helped spin forth more Bunnies. You know some of them as Playboy Playmates. Yes, some come with way too much plastic but I don’t think you should blame her for how far the pendulum swings. Yeager and B-Movie makers in Florida gave women the option to bust out their busts. Some women don’t want to be a nun, unless they get to be a very dirty nun.

One Bunny discovered by this camera wielding Bunny never made it to Playboy and only went by the name Bunny, as an alias; you will find Allison Louise Downe went by Bunny Downs. I suspect she had a brain and enjoyed cutting apart dumber Bunnies. She wrote Blood Feast and other gore girl movies. Downe also appeared in Bunny Yeager’s Nude Camera. You will also find Downe in Doris Wishman’s nudie flicks. Yeager and Wishmen shared the same (I don’t care if you forgive the obvious pun) titty pool.

Yeager’s artistic eye probably didn’t care for the B-Movie game which was mostly B for business and B for Bad. Her work as casting director for Pagan Island may have aided her career by honing her recruitment skills. Even many straight women will enjoy one particular pussy shoot.



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