I think even the cats know they caught magic. I’m sure Betty and Bunny didn’t need to fake a smile. They knew. Hugh Hefner knew. Many modern pop stars need to give thanks for this photo shoot. The fashion industry should put up monuments. I’m sure many men have erected a person monument, but we probably should give them something more lasting. Modern Feminists should give praise; I’m sure some f the older Feminists will just grouse about the male monuments. I search for Florida icons and I can see why all four deserve a high place on my list. I love that Bunny Yeager included herself in this photo-shoot because she made a bit of history. I’m also glad Betty Page lived long enough to see appreciation for her classier photos.

Mythology shows the link between women and cats in various cultures. So don’t consider it just crass when I call this one of the greatest pussy shoots ever. The bunny is associated with the Roman, goddess Flora. Etymology links Florida with Flora and it also links peninsula with penis. So this photo-shoot fittingly took place in the Penis state, we call Florida. Rome might want to erect a monument, too.



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