How àpropos, Linda (Lovelace) Boreman filmed her most famous scenes in Florida – The Penis State (penis has linguistic links to peninsula). People Magazine’s obituary noted her deep regrets; sex tape vixens of more recent years don’t go so deep, even in regrets. My title to this post has multiple meanings; a shallower emotional approach doesn’t hurt so deep. Why not just be in on the gag? Why gag at all, if you don’t want to? Yes going deep gives more stimuli, but if you can’t relax your gag reflex, most guys can understand? A good for you is often a good for me.

They ought to offer Paris Hilton the Dr. Holly Goodhead role if they redo Moonraker. I don’t know if she knew how things would blow up when she blew some wood; if she did, she earned the Goodhead reputation. How many bucks did she make for giving a guy a buck? Maybe she’s got a golden ass, as well. Did she do some tanning at the nudist resort in Florida while filming, The Simple Life? Talk about Richie? Do you think the Hiltons got a cut of the Deep Throat dough? I doubt Lovelace filmed in a Hilton, but maybe there is some lost trivia.

Lovelace’s co-star, Harry Reems, did some work with Doris Wishman, a noted filmmaker in Florida. Paris might have done well in a Wishman film; I’m not sure could handle hairy Harry. I’m all about allusions and Florida trivia. What would Harry Reems, would he ream his wood into in a Hilton if he still could give wood? Wood, he would wood a Hilton; yes, he would. Even in a wood shack out back a Hilton, he would ream that Harry Reams would. Harry would  hammer some wood.

Would Wishman wish to film the ever craning neck of a long-legged Hilton? I would have used a hair raised pick of Paris which exposes the feature that Paris loves to expose, but I’m more concerned with her golden ass. Paris should fire her agent for not getting her a cameo in the Lovelace, you might as well milk it.

I don’t mean to offend; I’m not mean. I’m not Richie either. Anything that makes news makes history and I mean to document history my way.

The Paris Hilton pick comes from Wikimedia by Eva Rinaldi from Sydney Australia


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