Jesus has some similarity to the fertility gods of old. The Pilgrims wondered in what ways the master manipulators changed the story. Muslims saw the same thing. Emperor Constantine tried to bring the pagan religions into the fold of the first Christians and changed much about the original model that people called Jesus Christ. Before the printing press, Popes could change the bible as they chose. Martin Luther said enough is enough and the first bedrock bibles came into existence to mirror stability of the Muslim Quran. Those who read Joseph Campbell, the researcher of the man’s myths, must see my point. Did Constantine and the Popes shape Jesus into the fertility deity mold or did they scrape away nature?

I see the good in nature and those who believe in Genesis must see God saw his creation as good? Could man understand things like element, molecules, and evolution? No most men are idiots and those idiots think of God as a magic man rather than a superior intellect. In this post, I’m more concerned with the divine stripper in early fertility myths. Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte, Venus, and others make up the divine stripper archetype. Salome means “Peace,” but she gets cast in the vile vixen role. Mary Magdalene takes the divine stripper role when Jesus cleanses her of “seven demons” which parallels the seven veils of Ishtar – Inanna – Astarte.

I show you three striptease artists of Florida film. Gypsy Rose Lee had a role in Wind Across The Everglades. You can see by the poster that the film makes use of archetypes. Demi Moore starred in Striptease, based on Carl Hiaasen’s novel by the same name. Doris Wishman starred a striptease artist in, Blaze Starr Goes Nudist. Sexy is a superpower that can be used for the common good. I gave Paris Hilton in that Golden Ass of hers, in my last post, for other than crass reasons. Yes, she used her head to make money; can’t she use some sexy for another cause.

Hiaasen often if not always features sexy women in a nature cause. I hack my way between Hiaasen, Neil Gaiman, Tim Dorsey, and James Joyce. I’m a hack, but I’m trying not to be.



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