Blog versus Book


I wrote my book first, but I knew it still had problems. They say you publish when you tire of rewriting. Dizzy describes my state more than tired. What I wrote most likely differs from what I think I wrote. Rewriting creates holes. My INFP personality helps with the creative part of being a writer, but it hinders me in other aspects. The blog helps me gather my thoughts. I stopped looking at my writing and the posts come from memory about what I wrote and what I hope to add.

One character never properly developed and blogging helped me figure out the fix. You often learn while you teach and my blog is a disorganized lesson plan on how to understand my book. Obscure figures from history and mythology force me to highlight memorable aspects of gods like Enki. I’m certain others will see why I call Enki, a geyser god, but only an obscure comic book beat me to the term.

My book began as a fluffy Florida version of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. It needed a second story line to drive the tension. A cult appeared. Things got more complex. Ancient mystery cults took over my research and my second story-line. My original story-line takes place in the spirit guided dream world; in which, many cultures make claim to use. The banter between my intellectual spirit guide and my oaf self keeps the original tone and the cult duplicates the hapless hero style in my other story-line. Tricksters often play the oaf and every writer is a trickster. I thought about using a misogynist persona on my blog, but it felt more tiresome than fun. I didn’t realize I had such Feminist angst, but research helped me see why they seem bipolar.

The bottom image comes from D. W. Griffith’s silent film, Intolerance. I didn’t know about the film until recently, but I see many similarities and more Kismet. Tod Browning helped write the script and he made the movie, Freaks.

To Books at Middlemay Farm: Your farm life would work well when paralleled to the past. Morphine delirium would play interesting tricks on a writer’s mind, who often lives in the past. I’m not kidding about the Kismet on seeing your blog post on Camille Paglia. First I saw it on my news reader then your post then I found her again looking up female scientists. Three times in less than two days. Kismet and Dis has followed me around for a while. Sounds too much like a bad omen considering where Dante places Dis. It once had positive connotations, so there may be hope. You did a post on a Lincoln conspirator and I had already seen the picture and thought the same thing. We both plow through old pics, so no surprise. Old time celebrities are great. Look up Natalie Barney and Renee Vivien 1876. I agree about your point on Native Americans.


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The History of Hooters and Beer

Burney Relief -British_Museum_Queen_of_the_Night-horz

The original goddess of Hooters, Inanna, tricked the trickster god, Enki, into getting drunk enough to steal the Mes. The myth gives us our first beer tale. The Sumerian goddess depicted in the British_Museum’s Burney Relief (right image) is generalized as the “Queen of the Night,” but most likely depicts Inanna (also known as Astarte or Ishtar. To picture Inanna, you might imagine the Hooters girl, Casey Luckey, with longer hair thrown in back and spread out like wings. Better yet, let us add Bunny Yeager’s picture of Bettie Page to the imagery. You end up with the Owl and the Pussycat set to new page.

The Casey Luckey image come from a YouTube video put out by Hooters. She is from Lakeland, Florida. Bunny Yeager took the Bettie Page shot at a South Florida tourist attraction.

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No Virgins For Vulcan O


Vulcan (Hephaestus) had a rough love life. Most volcano gods get much more respect. The Greeks preferred pretty boys, but much of their mythology came from less vanity driven origins. Alexander the Great gets credit for turning the bull god, Apis, into Serapis because he wanted to unite religions under a handsome human face. He also shunned another aspect of Apis – the dwarf craftsman known as Ptah. People do not shed their gods, so easily but images do change over time. Ptah split into another craft god known as Hephaestus in Greece and Vulcan in Rome. His underworld aspects went to Plouton (which turned into Hades) and Dis Pater. Wonderful visions of the underworld also fell into the hellish versions we often see now. Ptah most likely had links to the geyser god, Enki. Volcano gods ejaculate lava rather than sweet water spit from loins of geyser gods. The image from my last post has a geyser layered over top of Christina Aguilera’s (Your Body) album cover; differs greatly from this volcanic splooge.

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Get The Gist


I call Enki, the geyser god, for a reason. When I read the Sumerian myth, something like this popped into my head. I use Christina’ Aguilera’s album cover because of the veils and her link to Disney. The goddess, Inanna (also known as Astarte and Ishtar) danced the dance of the seven veils much earlier than Salome. I write about a fertility cult active in modern-day Florida with ties to these ancient myths. Images like this help simplify mythic symbolism.

I layered an image of Yellowstone’s Beehive Geyser on top of Aguilera’s, Your Body, album cover. The idea popped into my head and was super easy to do. Just a crop and a flip. We don’t have geysers, but we do have springs; they just don’t give good enough gist.


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He Who Authored The First Word

Manneken Pis inBrusselsBelgiumJerome Duquesnoy1619AuthorMyrabella

Sorry ladies, the lads have the pen. Many myths say a word beget the world. Enki means Lord(En) Earth(Ki), but you should think of him as Jack Of, the Geyser god) because he ejaculated everywhere and everything. The word, craft, cut, carve, core, and many other C or K dominated words probably descend from the same place as the Ki in Enki. Khnum the Egyptian craft god, often has a ram or crocodile head, most likely descends from the same Ki. Ptah another pottery god has different origin (I did a post on the P, ph, and f words). Manneken Pis (left image), note the P in pis, piss and pee has something in common with Ptah – he’s a little dude. Figurines often show Ptah standing on two crocodiles, one probably doubles as Khnum’s crocodile head; the other may be Sobek. Ptah joins Upper and Lower Egypt at his temple in Memphis (more crocodile symbology).

Manneken Pis in Brussels, Belgium was sculpted by Jerome Duquesnoy and comes by way of Wikimedia from an author known as Myrabella.

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The Daft Craft


Mushrooms are known to bloom in cow pies (bull crap). The pie represents reality; the shrooms can enrichen this reality to dis-reality or the rich-reality of the underworld (see Dis Pater which means rich father). Many writers turn to shrooms and such to delve their subconscious; some of us have more problem the reality part. Sometimes you have to bull (push) ideas through and sometimes you need the genius of bullcrap.

Elias and Flora met in a Florida town named Kismet and they gave birth to Walt Disney. Flora or Chloris (the goddess of flowers) married Favonius (Zephyrus, the West-Wind), and the mother of Karpos (Fruit). I call the relationship between Flora Disney and Flora the goddess – Kismet – because Kismet equals fate and Dis Pater can fit in as a fate god and the Norse have fate goddess known as the Dis. A dwarf plays a part in the Mead of Poetry, a Norse drink similar in myth to India’s Soma, which some suspects has mushrooms as an psycho-active ingredient. If you don’t know, a circle of mushrooms is called a Fairy ring.

The bottom image comes from the Parabiago plate; it most likely represents Flora sitting with Favonious and the Karpos (the dwarves). Sitting on top of the cornucopia held by the Gaia (Mother Earth) is the ultimate fruit of the union – Zeus (Disney in my Dis-reality).

The bull in the top image represents Apis – Ptah – Serapis –Osiris – Dis pater – Enki – Ea – El (god)of the Abyss. I keep trying to simply this but I doubt I can do better than this. I forgot to add Florida derives its name from Flora, the fertility goddess. My state is a peninsula which is linguistically linked to penis which is a fertility object which is an aspect of the gods listed at the top of this paragraph.


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Haunting Toilet Seats and Other Crap

Toilet_seat-horzWhich Dante dootie duty might I expect for my crappy writing? A toilet seems obvious, but how ugly the butt? Inflamed hemorrhoids, maybe. I’m so deadpan, getting sent to haunt a bedpan seems most apt. I had to use an outhouse at a fish camp; I know no greater hell. Do ghosts travel back in time? Might I haunt a Victorian chamber pot for Queen Victoria herself? If I’m halfway good; do I get to choose my ass? Watch where you sit ladies upon notice of my obit. Horny in life; horny in death. You might want to watch your golden ass, Paris; Schadenfreude might make me grow like Pinocchio. Maybe, I will go from one pooper scooper’s brown bag to another.

Right side image: I modified Stradanus (1523–1605)

Left side: Real crap from Great Caesar’s ghost

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Take It All


What an INFP line. I don’t know what other personality types feel like, but f the F. I’m a guy, I want my feelings to back down. I feel the line when Brandon Lee reaches up to shove all those unwanted feelings into his nemesis and says, “Take it all.”

I hate talking, I hate writing, I hate showing any emotion. I don’t write; I throw. I hate being mad because I enjoy it. Rage feels good. I’m a peace monger who wants to destroy the world. I so love the world that I hate it.

At one time, I thought I was the sane person in an insane world. When I chose to write; I admitted my insanity. I don’t care about fame, I hate the thought. I have to write as an invisible man to an invisible audience. Money would be nice, but I don’t feel greedy or vain. I write because I have emotions and I don’t want them anymore. I need a blue tooth heart that sends a signal when it stops – publish when I’m dead. “Take it all” is the tale of my Tell-Tale Heart. I wonder if an INFP can live. Maybe, one day, I can haunt a toilet seat.


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Inspiration From Small Sources


One small note about a dwarf singer and dancer, in a book about music in Florida, changed the course of my book. The dwarf came with the conquistador, Pedro Menendez. Michael Dunn was made for this role. I had no idea that he attended the University of Miami or how talented he was. He not only played the genius dwarf, Dr. Loveless, in the Wild Wild West series; he was a genius. He played concert piano before his dwarfism robbed him of his ability and they didn’t need to dub his voice. He could sing. He could party, too. Big partier in Miami; no surprise he didn’t graduate, even though he had a big brain. I’m sure a shy dwarf has it worse, but an outgoing dwarf has social hazards, as well.

I love Star Trek, so I used this picture. My subconscious may have channeled a memory about his Dr. Loveless character, even though I never followed the series, so nothing about the character in my book came directly from him. His link to Florida gives me reason to create an allusion to him.

As you can see Sherry Kelly wrote The Big Life of a Little Man: Michael Dunn Remembered

And the book that, along with info on the Circus folk in Gibsonton, made my novel even more complicated: A History of Music and Dance in Florida, 1565-1865 by Wiley L. Housewright.

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Destino of Narcissus


Walt Disney and Salvador Dalí started the short film project, Destino, but others had to finish it. I wish the two had collaborated on a larger project based on Dali’s Metamorphosis of Narcissus because I think such a work may say, better what I’m trying to say. I see many religions and the anti-religion of Atheism as the worship of Narcissus. Yes, I am saying Atheists worship the same deity as those they hate most. Believers too often sound like knowers, just like Atheists. I originally titled my book, Matanzas Blooms, because of the massacre at Matanzas here in Florida. I saw my ancestors on both sides of the blade. I’m sure my Native American ancestors were there, also, and they had their own tribal stuff going on. I see it as fighting over who has the best god, but in reality they have the same god – Narcissus. And all your ancestors did the same stupid stuff as mine. Will we ever learn?

Dali’s painting is about nature and love, or the lack there of. I see the dog, as a dog of war, eating up the remains of a battlefield. Dali did a wonderful job but some Disney animation could add more layers to the tale. I want to walk into the picture explore Dali’s artistic talent, but I rather just visit. I rather not live there.


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