Odin (top left) and Jesus (bottom right) have similarities. The World Tree of the Norse (Yggdrasil) and Genesis’s Tree of Knowledge parallel. Nature deities often have descent into the underworld stories with eventual return which may come as resurrection or a new birth. I used A Naiad (upper right), by John William Waterhouse because the nymph’s abduction of Hylas has similarities to when Demeter lured Iasion but with a better available image. The Inanna and Dumuzi myth and many others sound much the same. I just wonder if Jesus had stronger parallels to nature deities before Catholicism became nature hating. Islam also went the nature hating route to add a bit more dessert to their lands.

Adamites represented Christianity long before Constantine created Catholicism. A return to Eden philosophy existed among the Adamites and a couple of other Christian groups. Did Jesus walk around in a loincloth or nothing at all? Was Jesus a nature freak, a shepherd of the earth similar to King David and Noah? Are we to protect flora and fauna?

I have some disagreements with PETA, but I think they have close to the right idea. Using their tactics on all ecology issues and creating active debate about what best serves the world seems like a good idea to me. I’m sure many religious folk will hate the idea of a Treesus, but many may agree with the principle. Nude females often represent nature. I’m sure many can see the message in Ernest Board’s Nature Cast Out (lower left).

I’m still trying to refine my message about nature in my work of fiction, but I’m hoping this post and my last can help clarify my views. An occasional nude or near nude ballet doing the Rite Of Spring or other nature based ballets might breathe life into botanical gardens. Can’t we have classy showings of skin?

Images come from Wikimedia and more info on the upper left and lower right is below:

Odin’s_Self-sacrifice_by_WG Collingwood



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