Gisele Bundchen went au naturel for nature when she went Eco for Photo. Eating green can create some luscious and lean limbs; plus, it helps the environment. A strict vegetarian diet can cause health problems, so I think PETA should add an advisory to their guilt trips but Vegans also can get some health benefits. Cow farts hurt the environment even with grass-fed beef, but corn and grain fed animals can add extra damage due to inefficiency reasons.

I’m more interested in the symbolism in these images. I’m sure many know these looks as Cosplay favorites. You often find couples undressed as Adam and Eve at events like Fantasy Fest. The nature girl look has many fans. Poison Ivy is a Comic-Con fave. I added Harley Quinn, another fave, because she looks like someone who eats green and she is another symbolic archetype.

I did not use a fertility cult when I began my novel; I used tricksters. One important character never came together for me. I missed the obvious. I didn’t have a Poison Ivy style character. I went from a Harley Quinn cult to a Poison Ivy cult and it didn’t fully hit me. This blog helped me stay focused on my book in an indirect way. Everything springs from something else. Would you have a Poison Ivy if you didn’t have an Eve?

Those are DC collectibles framed in white. Angela Simmons stars in the PETA ad.

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