Orchids are the tricksters of plant world. They trick many creatures into pollinating them; they even got many humans, hooked, as seen in The Orchid Thief. In an earlier post, I suggestedEmma Watson would make a great Black Orchid, due to her love for ecology, got me thinking about how I may change the character. Giving the Orchid the ability to make quick fashion changes, similar to the Creeper, might help inspire Emma to inquire about such a role. Between the fashion and the ecology cause, you can get many female fans to the comic book movie. Adding Emma Watson’s and Neil Gaiman’s fan bases would probably turn the movie into a sure thing blockbuster. Actually using the Creeper as a character adds some jest and he already has an Eco look to him. Nicholas Cage deserves a came to allude to his role the Orchid Thief movie.
I doubt I will get a penny no matter what, but what is in my head may as well come out. My research for my book does intertwine with the mythology of such characters. I use the name Hermione, in my book, due to the similarity in name to Hermes. Tricksters often have ties to the underworld. My movie idea may draw some crazy orchid fans to the movies; they best beef up security, those flower lovers are freaking nuts.

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