Walt Disney and Salvador Dalí started the short film project, Destino, but others had to finish it. I wish the two had collaborated on a larger project based on Dali’s Metamorphosis of Narcissus because I think such a work may say, better what I’m trying to say. I see many religions and the anti-religion of Atheism as the worship of Narcissus. Yes, I am saying Atheists worship the same deity as those they hate most. Believers too often sound like knowers, just like Atheists. I originally titled my book, Matanzas Blooms, because of the massacre at Matanzas here in Florida. I saw my ancestors on both sides of the blade. I’m sure my Native American ancestors were there, also, and they had their own tribal stuff going on. I see it as fighting over who has the best god, but in reality they have the same god – Narcissus. And all your ancestors did the same stupid stuff as mine. Will we ever learn?

Dali’s painting is about nature and love, or the lack there of. I see the dog, as a dog of war, eating up the remains of a battlefield. Dali did a wonderful job but some Disney animation could add more layers to the tale. I want to walk into the picture explore Dali’s artistic talent, but I rather just visit. I rather not live there.


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