One small note about a dwarf singer and dancer, in a book about music in Florida, changed the course of my book. The dwarf came with the conquistador, Pedro Menendez. Michael Dunn was made for this role. I had no idea that he attended the University of Miami or how talented he was. He not only played the genius dwarf, Dr. Loveless, in the Wild Wild West series; he was a genius. He played concert piano before his dwarfism robbed him of his ability and they didn’t need to dub his voice. He could sing. He could party, too. Big partier in Miami; no surprise he didn’t graduate, even though he had a big brain. I’m sure a shy dwarf has it worse, but an outgoing dwarf has social hazards, as well.

I love Star Trek, so I used this picture. My subconscious may have channeled a memory about his Dr. Loveless character, even though I never followed the series, so nothing about the character in my book came directly from him. His link to Florida gives me reason to create an allusion to him.

As you can see Sherry Kelly wrote The Big Life of a Little Man: Michael Dunn Remembered

And the book that, along with info on the Circus folk in Gibsonton, made my novel even more complicated: A History of Music and Dance in Florida, 1565-1865 by Wiley L. Housewright.

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