What an INFP line. I don’t know what other personality types feel like, but f the F. I’m a guy, I want my feelings to back down. I feel the line when Brandon Lee reaches up to shove all those unwanted feelings into his nemesis and says, “Take it all.”

I hate talking, I hate writing, I hate showing any emotion. I don’t write; I throw. I hate being mad because I enjoy it. Rage feels good. I’m a peace monger who wants to destroy the world. I so love the world that I hate it.

At one time, I thought I was the sane person in an insane world. When I chose to write; I admitted my insanity. I don’t care about fame, I hate the thought. I have to write as an invisible man to an invisible audience. Money would be nice, but I don’t feel greedy or vain. I write because I have emotions and I don’t want them anymore. I need a blue tooth heart that sends a signal when it stops – publish when I’m dead. “Take it all” is the tale of my Tell-Tale Heart. I wonder if an INFP can live. Maybe, one day, I can haunt a toilet seat.


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