Mushrooms are known to bloom in cow pies (bull crap). The pie represents reality; the shrooms can enrichen this reality to dis-reality or the rich-reality of the underworld (see Dis Pater which means rich father). Many writers turn to shrooms and such to delve their subconscious; some of us have more problem the reality part. Sometimes you have to bull (push) ideas through and sometimes you need the genius of bullcrap.

Elias and Flora met in a Florida town named Kismet and they gave birth to Walt Disney. Flora or Chloris (the goddess of flowers) married Favonius (Zephyrus, the West-Wind), and the mother of Karpos (Fruit). I call the relationship between Flora Disney and Flora the goddess – Kismet – because Kismet equals fate and Dis Pater can fit in as a fate god and the Norse have fate goddess known as the Dis. A dwarf plays a part in the Mead of Poetry, a Norse drink similar in myth to India’s Soma, which some suspects has mushrooms as an psycho-active ingredient. If you don’t know, a circle of mushrooms is called a Fairy ring.

The bottom image comes from the Parabiago plate; it most likely represents Flora sitting with Favonious and the Karpos (the dwarves). Sitting on top of the cornucopia held by the Gaia (Mother Earth) is the ultimate fruit of the union – Zeus (Disney in my Dis-reality).

The bull in the top image represents Apis – Ptah – Serapis –Osiris – Dis pater – Enki – Ea – El (god)of the Abyss. I keep trying to simply this but I doubt I can do better than this. I forgot to add Florida derives its name from Flora, the fertility goddess. My state is a peninsula which is linguistically linked to penis which is a fertility object which is an aspect of the gods listed at the top of this paragraph.


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