Manneken Pis inBrusselsBelgiumJerome Duquesnoy1619AuthorMyrabella

Sorry ladies, the lads have the pen. Many myths say a word beget the world. Enki means Lord(En) Earth(Ki), but you should think of him as Jack Of, the Geyser god) because he ejaculated everywhere and everything. The word, craft, cut, carve, core, and many other C or K dominated words probably descend from the same place as the Ki in Enki. Khnum the Egyptian craft god, often has a ram or crocodile head, most likely descends from the same Ki. Ptah another pottery god has different origin (I did a post on the P, ph, and f words). Manneken Pis (left image), note the P in pis, piss and pee has something in common with Ptah – he’s a little dude. Figurines often show Ptah standing on two crocodiles, one probably doubles as Khnum’s crocodile head; the other may be Sobek. Ptah joins Upper and Lower Egypt at his temple in Memphis (more crocodile symbology).

Manneken Pis in Brussels, Belgium was sculpted by Jerome Duquesnoy and comes by way of Wikimedia from an author known as Myrabella.

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