Vulcan (Hephaestus) had a rough love life. Most volcano gods get much more respect. The Greeks preferred pretty boys, but much of their mythology came from less vanity driven origins. Alexander the Great gets credit for turning the bull god, Apis, into Serapis because he wanted to unite religions under a handsome human face. He also shunned another aspect of Apis – the dwarf craftsman known as Ptah. People do not shed their gods, so easily but images do change over time. Ptah split into another craft god known as Hephaestus in Greece and Vulcan in Rome. His underworld aspects went to Plouton (which turned into Hades) and Dis Pater. Wonderful visions of the underworld also fell into the hellish versions we often see now. Ptah most likely had links to the geyser god, Enki. Volcano gods ejaculate lava rather than sweet water spit from loins of geyser gods. The image from my last post has a geyser layered over top of Christina Aguilera’s (Your Body) album cover; differs greatly from this volcanic splooge.

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