The Beauty of Standards


Tech wars go on and on. I chose Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla to represent the battle between AC and DC. Edison fought for DC; Tesla joined George Westinghouse. on the AC side. AC-DC also does euphemism duty in sexual standards of hetero & homo. I see the beauty of a single standard, but pragmatism says multiple perspectives often or always exist.

The Roman Catholic Inquisition tried to force a universal singular perspective (Catholic means universal). We never would have landed on the moon if people did not fight off this singular perspective system ruled by Popes and Emperors. Morality is personal, but ethics tries to reach best overall solution, whether it be technical or any type of battle between ideological.

Many things in my book fall under the ideological war category (for instance wars between the pro-sex and anti-sex Feminists). The Inquisition plays a big role. My main character has homophobic issues ant the gay issue  is a present day hot topic. It is normal to deviate from the norm, but the norm exists for a reason. How do you tip a canoe” give it wide sway.


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The Art of Writing


Peter Mathieson paints words onto paper (Sample from Far Tortuga). I’m studying how to add white space to my novel. My first attempt changed the tone. Adding dialog added white space, but lightened the mood too much. Matthiessen used white space with special intent. Mathieson talks about his use in an interview by George Plimpton in The Paris Review  titled, “The Craft of Fiction in Far Tortuga.”  Poets often paint words, but a novel needs a different brush.

My second attempt at adding white space worked much better, but still need to learn from more practiced authors. What looks good in Microsoft Word; may not, in ePub.So much to learn, too little brain to handle it all. I try to tackle one editing issue at a time, but I add a few smaller tasks to the bigger.


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Writing Analysis Criticism


I show two sample reports from Autocrit, which, I used to analyze about half my first chapter. I use first-person point of view for my narrative and every perspective has its own nuances. Autocrit flags sensory terms, but the first-person perspective needs such terms. Creative fiction also differs from college term paper style. My overuse of, “have” and “it” may need addressing, but small one syllable words read quick and become close to invisible. My one “generic description” flag comes due to an allusion I use, so it stays. If Autocrit performed different checks for different writing styles, I might find it more useful. Such tools can help identify where you get extra lazy, like many of my blog posts. I rarely edit these things. They go as they go.

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Felling Gravitas


Editing to add white space caused an unwanted shift in tone. I often use levity, but my first chapter needs heavier gravitas than many other chapters. The change in tone surprised me. A few added words and some rephrasing led to, “Timber!”

Both images come from Wikipedia The first has this description: Center of pressure in relation to center of gravity while off-balance. The image takes a more humorous tone when attached to my tale involving a fertility cult. The second image shows how earth warps space-time. My novel does some warping of its own. Dreamtime acts as warp drive for my main character, as he needs to make big jumps in time and place.


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War and the Star Wars Bar

Inna Shevchenko-tile-horz

Did Femen win? War has erupted in their home, the Ukraine. They put much blame on religion. God is cool, but religion brings in the vanity of man. Dictators want one church, just like the bad old days when Popes and Emperors’ fornicated with one another, while preaching about the bad black sheep of their flock.. Central leadership systems do not work, the Pope is nothing more than a Darth Maul. Atheists will never rid the world of religion. Protestant isn’t a religion; it is a Star Wars bar. The Mos Eisley Cantina is a place where Rodney King (from the LA riots) and I might get along. Maybe Inna Shevchenko (top left in yellow) can share a beer with us.


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Long Is Often Wrong


I used a program called the Dolphin Text Editor examine my writing in different ways. The app comes from Animal Software and it rearranges text in various ways. I sorted my sentences in descending order of length to see which ones needed condensing. Short sentences make your work more readable. I also used the program to sort out long words. Same principle and similar goal = improve readability.

I still need to focus on my paragraphs. I used yWriter by Spacejock Software to keep my chapters sorted, but I never needed to separate scenes. A novel writer wrote the software, so the app helps; if you do not mind the learning curve. I liked the software, but I did not need it. I never bothered with the program after I got a new computer. My desire to focus on paragraphs gave me an idea; I entered each paragraph of my first chapter into yWriter, as a scene. It seems to help. I quickly noticed two things to fix. Most people may use the storyboard feature as an early step, but I never saw much use with my free flow writing style. I see more use with this new idea. Maybe the app will have use in separating character dialogue; thus, making an easy way to track dialogue patterns. I have these two on my IOU list if I earn a few bucks off the book.

I wish top notch app existed for punctuation correction.

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Shooting the Long Bore


I  sometimes write long paragraphs. Editors want short. Create white space, they say. I hate to scroll and lumped together looks better to me. Change, they say. Leave it until last, I say. On my blog, I could care less. I hope nobody grades me on this stuff. I can’t create and edit at the same time. I need to go back later and edit, but the blog goes as it goes. The book matters more and I went back to editing this weekend. Readability rises with each short sentence added and the white space cleans up the look. My longer paragraphs often tell rather than show, so my rewrite shoots off more bore.

Popes Versus Prostitutes


Prostitutes in ancient Greece tried to offer their services in exchange for acts performed on boys. Whether its was more business rather concern, I can not say, but it appears more they may have had more concern than our present day Roman Catholics. In a way you say support our local pedophiles by attending a Roman catholic Church. All you have to do is sit at home and they will have to reform. You don’t vote in and out your leaders like many other religions, so you need to boycott in order to hold your leaders accountable. I saw what looked like free advertisement and public relations on a political news show and these recent posts stem partly from the obvious farce. Do our politicians renounce their faith to get action? No. Like I said the political news media gives a free endorsement. People should never refer to politicians as prostitutes because it as insult to the latter.

My research on fertility rites has ventured me into courtesan research. It sounds like in ancient times the wives had to keep pure and got missionary sex. Boys got bent over a pedestal, but were forbidden to play the flute. Prostitutes did the flute playing, and like I said, volunteered to bend over. The Vatican just wants to play shell games with priests and diddle some bits. No Roman Catholic will get my vote after this lack of action by our politicians. The UN report about the Vatican stall job also got me thinking on these issues.

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When You Get Down To Two


You don’t hear much about the Protestants getting massacred; unlike the Jews. One Protestant faith is not like the other, either. Pacifist is the worst thing you can say about the Quakers. Sometimes you have no choice. Roman Catholics do not vote for their leaders and do not hold them accountable. The Vatican can play the shell game with their pedophile priests. Sounds like a dumb system; in which, you don’t want to see in your country, as well. Our Supreme Court only has those that see this as wise and Jewish people who might want to think on this image.

Protestants gave Jewish and Catholics people a chance in their once prosperous nation and many helped make it prosper further. But the down to two in the Supreme Court makes me conjure this post. The NSA question is tough because I’m losing faith in those who run this country. Other religions from abroad may wish to kill us as heretics but a Quaker will protect us on other issues. Some Protestant faiths practice heavy metal music, so you may not want to pin the Puritan label, too quick. I suspect African-Americans fit mostly under the Protestant label.  A Roman Catholic Feminist has to have mental deficiencies because women can lead in a Protestant church. Down to two, just saying.

The Francois Dubois painting comes from Wikimedia. It depicts the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre

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