I remember leaning to talk. It was my first frustration. I was about five. I score well on IQ and even social intelligence tests but normal; I am not. I don’t care what other people do in their private life and I have no moral issues. The problem comes from the complexity added to social equations. Jack Nicholson’s character in, As Good As It Gets, had social issues but he had a heart. He showed it to the gay character, played by Greg Kinnear.

Does Ellen DeGeneres or Portia de Rossi care about my social difficulties or do they only care about gay difficulties? This isn’t a hate post, just a thinking post. Hollywood gives a lot of gay love, but they seem to only care about the money they can make off us socially challenged people. We can give them a good laugh. I put this in because my main character has homophobic and people often mistake authors with their characters. Homo-frustrated by social conundrums, seems more apt than homophobia, in my case. If gay people don’t like getting outed until their ready; then how do you think straights feel about getting outed when they are not even in. I’m suspect some hyper-sensitive have killed themselves for such issues. Does Hollywood care about them? Ellen has a platform; will she only speak for gays?


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