Fighting the Traffic in Young Girls-15-horz

I own many women. They may hate me. They might love me. Who knows? Who owns the past?  I live in the today world even though my mind often travels to the past. I seem to get blamed for things that have nothing to do with me. Feminists tend to call up past injustices, but we live in a new world. Every male can claim as many female ancestors as any woman and you can add a gender switcheroo to those claims. I’m sure many women have more rapist in their family history than I do, as far as I know, I don’t have any. Many call the “damsel in distress” trope sexist, but it at least aimed testosterone toward a worthy target. Where do want the testosterone to go? We need to learn from history, not convict. I’m sure many girls have lousy dads, but the way some women apply Feminism makes me feel sorry for their sons. Maybe I should just enjoy the misery put to Feminist blood. I just want to clarify some stances, so people know the intent of my fiction and don’t apply too much about my main character to me, the author.

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One thought on “Owning Women

  1. I’ve always been told that the healthy way to resolve differences in the present is to stay focused on the present thing right in front of you. It’s really bad when you have to bring up past generations to win an argument.


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