Top down management = Burro (stubborn) Catholics = bureaucrats

Don’t hate Catholics but hate the system.

Karl Marx had a great idea, but the problem with socialism comes with bureaucracy, the bane of Kafka, . Democracy has a great evil, as well, greed. I like the new Pope, but he best take a look at Gorbachev. Russia has to dig its self out from the Stalin started dictatorship. The last Pope said some Inquisition type things, read about the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre and see if you feel a little uneasy with how the predominant Protestant country now has Roman Catholics dominating politics. And Sonia Sotomayor bragging about her superior religion, ethnicity, and gender. We should call the Spanish Inquisition the Catholic Inquisition, because they didn’t persecute people for not being Spanish; they persecuted heretics, those that refused to bow down to the Pope. I have Roman Catholic ancestors, but I’m willing to look at issues. The issue is the system. If machines do all the work then socialism will work. Catholic means universal and if everyone fit under the umbrella then it would work. Some can’t fit. If you are Catholic ask yourself, what might happen to you if did things like use contraception against Inquisition style rule? Every Liberal Catholic has been Protestant in recent years. Why did the Vatican protect pedophiles? Because people at the top management levels want to cover their butt. I’m not hating the people, unless they do undue bragging, but people we need dialogue not cover up. Like I said; I like the new Pope, but he needs to tear things down.

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3 thoughts on “Burro-Cats and Bears

  1. Tear one system down and another will take it’s place. Sweep out the old demon, he’ll bring back seven. One of the ten commandments is thou shalt not steal. That means it’s assumed that people have property. Communism pretends that property is the problem. American Marxists haven’t convinced me that slaughtering millions in Russia, China and Cambodia were exceptions. The US is no longer a capitalist nation. It’s a regulated dictatorship with college-educated flunkies doing it’s bidding. The media and the government no longer listen to the majority opinions of the people. They begin to target “heretics” using PC police and the IRS.

    God is the only true power from above. Everyone else is suspect. We are a fallen people–worldwide–no system or leader is going to change that.


    1. I’m farmer friendly because food is important but I disagree on the regulation issue. Adam Smith fathered the American economy, but he saw greed as the big danger. Regulations have to cap greed. Not everyone watched the Super Bowl but marketing expenses get passed on to the consumer — a hidden tax. It even causes prices to rise on non-advertised goods. Small businesses need breaks but you have to put brakes on the giants. Oprah became one of the richest people in the world do to commercial TV. Everyone has an opinion, most git it away for free. They do not need to pay millions to opinion commentators; whether it be Rush Limbaugh or Chris Mathews from MSNBC. Both parties suck.


      1. I grow a lot of my own food 🙂 I’m not 100% opposed to all regulation, but I do have a sense that morality plays a part in society that nothing else can replace it with. We have so many laws on the books now that most of us don’t even know about. If the government didn’t become the subsidizers of evil then people would vote with their money. The problem is that most people are fine sitting around watching Oprah or football or whatever. They get sucked in to the consumer culture–again every primitive culture once exposed to new things wants them. Here’s the thing though–socialism and communism have nothing that prevents greed either and in some cases religion is outlawed thus eliminating the only sense that greed is wrong.

        I agree that both parties in this country are a joke. I think income tax is evil, but I also have little faith in humanity without God.


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