I’m not anti-Semitic; I’m an equal opportunity misanthrope. I’m disgusted with everyone, including myself. Victoria Nuland got caught saying F_ _ _ _ the EU and she’s a Jewish Ambassador from the US. A former Protestant country only has Catholics and Jews on the Supreme Court. I’m sure if you look at people in and reporting on politics; you will see a disproportionate number of these two religions in comparison to the populace. Jorge Luis Borges called himself an Agnostic, as do I, but Borges made this quote:

I found America the friendliest, most forgiving, and most generous nation I had ever visited. We South Americans tend to think of things in terms of convenience, whereas people in the United States approach things ethically. This — amateur Protestant that I am — I admired above all. It even helped me overlook skyscrapers, paper bags, television, plastics, and the unholy jungle of gadgets.

Protestant isn’t a religion; it is the group of people called heretics and persecuted by Roman Catholics. I don’t believe in evil; I believe people are stubborn; power mongering, and/or stupid. Protestants must not be too bad, if this Argentine writer can say such a thing. Sonia Sotomayor apparently thinks Catholicism make her god’s gift. Kansas you are not in America anymore.

Wikipedia has this image on their page for The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University; you can see they try to integrate all religions, like the Unitarians. I guess they lump Protestants in with Catholics; I beg to differ. I do not affiliate with any church anymore but I grew up Baptist and I never heard a sermon against, Blacks, Jews, or Catholics. I only remember hearing my father saying something against one of our preachers and his own nephew; he never said anything bad about a group. Portnoy’s Complaint by Philip Roth makes it very clear the Jews say hateful things about Protestants and I’m sure not all Protestants are like my father, but I just say what I see as truth. I rather have any other religion than have Sonia Sotomayor making the Court a two religion split. Stupid Muslims why didn’t you take over America like these two religions did? I’m not sure if Protestants are too stupid or too nice? I believe the latter.

No comments on this one. I’m not trying too rile up people. I’m actually a rather nice misanthrope. I’m disgusted just with the human race and religious divide.  Big Religion dominating the little guys just widens the gap.

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