They have no face. Protestant is not a religion; I compare them to open source software developers. Easy entry allows some crazy novelty. The Episcopal Church calls itself Protestant, yet Catholic and has a female version of the Pope (top right, Katharine Jefferts Schori). Basically they are the mirror image church the Irish have always hated; many elitist Americans join it. Big Religion has big money. They love Yoyos. The Pilgrims come from the Presbyterian model and they were persecuted by the Anglicans and the Roman Catholics; Presbyterian types vote for their leaders–just like a democracy. When you have a Pope–you have a giant holding your string. I don’t care for strings attached to me. Don’t trust me, research and think for yourself. See which religions your politicians and political commentators come from. Some religions want to turn you into a slumdog, so they can look like heroes when they give you crumbs. Don’t use contraceptive so you will make welfare babies to further their heroics. I don’t want to be a yoyo but people keep putting those giants with strings in political office.

Catholic Spain plundered the riches of South America and Mexico; they saw very little riches in what became the US. How did it turn out? Did democratic Protestants do better? Did Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, have just cause to slam the type of people who allowed her to share in the success. You may say Protestants had slaves, but so did the Catholics. Protestant Quakers ran the Underground Railroad. Georgia was founded as an anti-slavery colony. Africans and Native Americans owned slaves. Open source religion may have some crazies, but it also offers checks and balances.

Johnny Depp comes from Huguenot stock–Catholics condemned them as heretics and tried to make sure Depp never existed. Some Huguenots became pirates, partly to get rich and partly as an act of revenge. I have Spanish Catholic and French Huguenot blood. The Vatican has played shell games with their priests. Do Catholic followers make their leaders accountable to the people? Democratic Protestants vote their leaders in and out of power. Is it perfect? No. But I aim higher than life as a perfect yoyo. Can Catholics understand democracy or are they just trying to defeat it again? Bring in more Catholics to vote in more Catholics and make slumdogs of us all. Maybe they want the old stodgy IBM in a Google world. I don’t want to hate Catholics, but I don’t want to be a slumdog yoyo, either.

These images come from open source Wikimedia project.

Jack_Sparrow_-_Johnny_Depp_Madame Tusauds in London by Michi1308

Katharine Jefferts Schori – from author Jonathunder


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