In Gigot, (top left) Jackie Gleason plays a kind and misunderstood mute; I can relate. He loves God and wants to share, but we misunderstood mutes struggle to communicate. Somehow he shared it anyway. Religions do manipulate and sometimes it has driven people to do very bad things. Most worship Narcissus, but people ought to try Logos. If people see a logic to the universe then why did the Atheist’s great nothing just settle on Chaos? I also hate when people take the Bible as literal. I can see it as words of wisdom or as parables and allusions but don’t ask me to see Genesis  as an accurate description of creation. Atheists can make believe and believers can take me to Dis. I’m fine with all beliefs and dis-beliefs in moderation.

Before the printing press the Priests owned the manipulation game. Things backfire more these days. Nature does not obey man (top right). We know the failures and the horrors of the Church (bottom images) because so many historical sources tell it an we still see how religion can turn people into monsters. Dictators love the one church method. Nature prefers diversity. I see benefits to small and light religion big monsters playing mind tricks on the masses tends to turn me off. If you cry because I pick on your big monster sized religion then think on this. I’m David’s son just facing down a Goliath. I act alone. I’m more scared of me and what I might do to the masses; not the other way around.

(lower right) That shows Anna Charboniere tortured. I can’t verify the truth but people do this type stuff all though history, so I don’t have much reason to doubt it..

(lower left) They call this one Massacre of the Vaudois of Merindol (all images come from Wikimedia).

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