Prostitutes in ancient Greece tried to offer their services in exchange for acts performed on boys. Whether its was more business rather concern, I can not say, but it appears more they may have had more concern than our present day Roman Catholics. In a way you say support our local pedophiles by attending a Roman catholic Church. All you have to do is sit at home and they will have to reform. You don’t vote in and out your leaders like many other religions, so you need to boycott in order to hold your leaders accountable. I saw what looked like free advertisement and public relations on a political news show and these recent posts stem partly from the obvious farce. Do our politicians renounce their faith to get action? No. Like I said the political news media gives a free endorsement. People should never refer to politicians as prostitutes because it as insult to the latter.

My research on fertility rites has ventured me into courtesan research. It sounds like in ancient times the wives had to keep pure and got missionary sex. Boys got bent over a pedestal, but were forbidden to play the flute. Prostitutes did the flute playing, and like I said, volunteered to bend over. The Vatican just wants to play shell games with priests and diddle some bits. No Roman Catholic will get my vote after this lack of action by our politicians. The UN report about the Vatican stall job also got me thinking on these issues.

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