I used a program called the Dolphin Text Editor examine my writing in different ways. The app comes from Animal Software and it rearranges text in various ways. I sorted my sentences in descending order of length to see which ones needed condensing. Short sentences make your work more readable. I also used the program to sort out long words. Same principle and similar goal = improve readability.

I still need to focus on my paragraphs. I used yWriter by Spacejock Software to keep my chapters sorted, but I never needed to separate scenes. A novel writer wrote the software, so the app helps; if you do not mind the learning curve. I liked the software, but I did not need it. I never bothered with the program after I got a new computer. My desire to focus on paragraphs gave me an idea; I entered each paragraph of my first chapter into yWriter, as a scene. It seems to help. I quickly noticed two things to fix. Most people may use the storyboard feature as an early step, but I never saw much use with my free flow writing style. I see more use with this new idea. Maybe the app will have use in separating character dialogue; thus, making an easy way to track dialogue patterns. I have these two on my IOU list if I earn a few bucks off the book.

I wish top notch app existed for punctuation correction.

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