Tech wars go on and on. I chose Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla to represent the battle between AC and DC. Edison fought for DC; Tesla joined George Westinghouse. on the AC side. AC-DC also does euphemism duty in sexual standards of hetero & homo. I see the beauty of a single standard, but pragmatism says multiple perspectives often or always exist.

The Roman Catholic Inquisition tried to force a universal singular perspective (Catholic means universal). We never would have landed on the moon if people did not fight off this singular perspective system ruled by Popes and Emperors. Morality is personal, but ethics tries to reach best overall solution, whether it be technical or any type of battle between ideological.

Many things in my book fall under the ideological war category (for instance wars between the pro-sex and anti-sex Feminists). The Inquisition plays a big role. My main character has homophobic issues ant the gay issue  is a present day hot topic. It is normal to deviate from the norm, but the norm exists for a reason. How do you tip a canoe” give it wide sway.


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5 thoughts on “The Beauty of Standards

  1. I’ll be interested in reading your book one day! I have a question for you. What do you make of the fact that some societies have more homosexuals than others? I don’t want to get into what societies I’m talking about here, but the US has a small amount in comparison to some others I’ve heard about recently. In one country there are almost zero lesbians, but up to 50% men with gay tendencies (some say brought on by childhood sexual abuse).


    1. I doubt there is a single path to gaydom. Some may be born gay. The perception of self may play a factor; a broad shouldered woman may take the gay route due to the one masculine trait. Ellen may see herself as a Peter Pan. I’m sure sexual abuse causes some to turn gay. Social change can’t be dictated I’m not sure Hollywood’s method of stuffing gays down peoples throat will work either. Gays taking the blood donation issue into the court of public opinion does bother me. I believe in ethical judgement rather than moral and I assume the people making such decisions see it the same way. People need to accept gays exist, but gays must understand why some hesitate to do the Hollywood cheer.
      I’m still trying to capture the ideological battles better. Edison has a link to Florida and tech wars may work in one chapter; if I apply enough absurdest humor. The PR battle seems more important than substance in today’s world. The Vatican can commit horrible crimes against children, but many stay brand loyal. Changing Popes came as a public relations move rather than admittance of the need to change. Either I am insane or the world is.


      1. I’m straight but I used to hang out in gay bars in NYC in the 80’s with gay friends and relations. I have zero problem with the average gay person. Hollywood has already won the battle for gay acceptance. Even questioning gayness from a religious point of view can have you tarred and feathered.

        I think I believe in moral judgment more than ethical because ethics constantly change while the basic tenets of moral judgment (ten commandments for instance) stand firm and in my view work. If people could actually follow the list we’d all be very good. 🙂

        I’m probably in the minority when I say that men should be allowed to have men’s clubs, blacks can have black clubs and women can have their clubs. People should be able to associate freely with whomever they wish. My feeling about the wedding cake controversy is that it’s ridiculous since plenty of bakeries will gladly serve gay couples. In a truly free society some people would make a killing specializing in gay wedding cakes while others could follow their code of morality. The government and the NFL shouldn’t have any say at all. Since when does the National Football League have say in governing our country?

        Have you ever heard of the evil Cardinal Bernardine? I think the Catholic Church has long been infiltrated by evil–of course not the average Joe on the street, but I agree that people have a very strong sense of brand loyalty. I have no trust for the new pope. The kinder, gentler actually reminds me of wolves in sheeps clothing.


      2. We may have some semantic disagreement. I see ethics as 99% Golden Rule. I see morality as more of a social standard. The right to donate blood is a safety and cost issue. If people making decisions on blood safety allow tokenism or do the opposite and disallow donations for social standards; then there is a problem. Gays do differentiate from the norm and some people do not want the world turned upside down. If you look up Aaron Craft (college basketball), you will find an article about him getting booed for being White. Liberal elitists are probably the craziest people on earth. Turning racism upside down, so Whites are hated is still racism. If I have a few hangups about gays doesn’t mean I hate them. But I’m naturally reluctant to have the world suddenly turned upside down. I’m flexible,nut sometimes I feel bent out of shape. Some private should be allowed. Like you said money will balance the equation.
        The pedophile cover up by the Vatican disturbs me more than individual cases. Trying to buy off Irish politicians made plain how the Vatican works. They care most about image. When politicians are less corrupt than the Church leaders then there is a major problem.


      3. “Liberal elitists are probably the craziest people on earth. Turning racism upside down, so Whites are hated is still racism.”

        Agree completely. Also agree with your take on the Vatican.

        When facebook has to have 50 different names for gender I think we’ve crossed the line into Crazyland. I actually don’t care if someone is “gender fluid.” What does knowing a gender affiliation mean to my life? Why has sex taken over every arena? We can only judge eachother by our sexuality? That’s very limiting and simplistic to me.


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