Tech wars go on and on. I chose Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla to represent the battle between AC and DC. Edison fought for DC; Tesla joined George Westinghouse. on the AC side. AC-DC also does euphemism duty in sexual standards of hetero & homo. I see the beauty of a single standard, but pragmatism says multiple perspectives often or always exist.

The Roman Catholic Inquisition tried to force a universal singular perspective (Catholic means universal). We never would have landed on the moon if people did not fight off this singular perspective system ruled by Popes and Emperors. Morality is personal, but ethics tries to reach best overall solution, whether it be technical or any type of battle between ideological.

Many things in my book fall under the ideological war category (for instance wars between the pro-sex and anti-sex Feminists). The Inquisition plays a big role. My main character has homophobic issues ant the gay issue  is a present day hot topic. It is normal to deviate from the norm, but the norm exists for a reason. How do you tip a canoe” give it wide sway.


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