Snake in the Eye


I see a snake draped over the lowered eyelid. I haven’t seen anyone else describe the Wadjet (Eye of Horus) as a snake head rather than a  teardrop, but that is what I see.

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Hangdog Eyes


Complete strangers have told me I look like Paul McCartney. I never saw the resemblance. These two pics lessen the differences in our eyes. A few minor changes to the right one might fool even me. I guess I’m sensitive to eyes, We have the same jowls, chin, nose, and mouth, but I have hazel eyes without the droop. I’m somewhat surprised how much rely on eyes to identify people.

Paul seemed to fair well with his look. I’ve always been somewhat aggravated by my baby face. I looked like a little kid in my Navy uniform.My aloof don’t mess with me personality never fit either. This is about as close to my face that I want people to get.

I will never understand how people with my personality type can deal with fame. If someone ever corners a famous INFP personality type could you ask them why they are still alive. Paul is supposed to be an ISFP and his type seems to handle fame fairly well. People should not blame Yoko for breaking up the Beatles; she may have kept John Lennon from killing himself. John may have even smiled at Chapman.

If I throw in a hangdog eye joke; this post tells you why.

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The Heifer Eyes of Hera


Hera, the cow-eyed goddess, competed for the title of most beautiful goddess in the Judgment of Paris. The Olsen Twins began their career at 9 months old; their big eyes played a part in the casting.

You see many large-eyed starlets in silent films. I show Miriam Cooper. The reason for the big eye love may come from the same reasons that inspire Japanese manga and anime. Large eyes give a wider canvas in which to paint a wide array of emotions.

Most young mammals appear to have large eyes – we see it as a look of innocence. Cosmetics can paint turn sulk or sultry with a few brush strokes. Beauty standards change somewhat with culture, but big eyes and symmetry may always have some draw.

The descriptions I use in my writing often drip with allusion. Cow-eyed may sound insulting, but it just alludes Hera. I may use a slight twist to this cow-eyed trap.

Mary-Kate Olsen (top right) and Ashley Fuller Olsen (bottom left).

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Fawning Eyes


We use the term fawning to describe the look Katherine Hepburn gives Humphrey Bogart. I prefer Katherine as an actress, but look at Audrey Hepburn’s eyes. Her mother must have gotten inseminated at a stag party. Audrey is only distantly related to Katherine, but she sure looks like a close relation to Bambi.

I’m pondering my deer allusions. I’m sure the doe eyed look will appear. I write about a fertility cult, so a stag or buck party reference may make the cut. Disney and deer play a part in Florida history, so Bambi has to show up. The African Queen has a link to Florida and will show up. I’m doubt I will use Audrey, but those eyes bring out the wolf in me.

All the images come from Wikimedia.

(top left) Tiere-Rehe

Joachim Lutz ruhendes Reh 1935 photo by Martin1009 Dec 2011

(right) Hepburn in a screen test for Roman Holiday (1953)

(bottom left) promo for The African Queen 1951

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My Deer Mythology


I rate Florida’s deer mythology higher than the world mythology on the subject. Artemis doesn’t ring right in my ear and Diana, the Roman deer goddess, seems surpassed by the princess. I’m all about odes and I need to fit Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings in my book somewhere. Rawlings wrote, The Yearling.

Mary Steenburgen deserves honorary Floridian status; since, she did has two Florida based movies. Steenburgen portrayed Rawlings in, Cross Creek.

I added this to my “To Do” list. Native Americans stag hunting parties and Key West holds a subspecies of miniature deer. I’ve written some deer segments, but I need to do better.

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Goat Goddess on a Plate

Amalthea Parabiago plate

My interpretation of the figures on the Parabiago plate differs from other sources. I think the hoof looking hand, on the woman, rests on a horn (even though it has some similarity to a snake). Amalthea, the goat goddess, nursed Zeus (I think baby Zeus sits on top of the Cornucopia). Names change with time and region. Mother Earth may fit s a better name for present day Americans, but I’m not sure the name works as works in England.

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Groovy Goat Milk

PhotoFunia Goats Regular 2014-03-23 02 22 58-horz

Shaman’s deliver urine fortified with magic mushroom, but what happened to magic milk. Heiðrún (right) from Norse mythology eats off the tree called Læraðr to make the mead of einherjar. Domesticated goats gave milk long before cows took over as favored livestock.

The goat god Pan has old roots. Pan come by way of Egyptian mythology and the Goat of Mendes; also, known as Banebdjedet. One chapel record says, god Ptah took the form of Banebdjedet,the mother of Rameses II (the Pharaoh they named a condom after). Myth gets mixed up over time – Ptah (pottery god who made the universe) is Apis, the bull but becomes similar to the old ram god of the pottery wheel. Confused?

Alan Piper theorizes goats ate marijuana to produce mead. I put wormwood into the frame of my PhotoFunia app (left). I play around with theorizing recipes in my book. Wormwood seems safer for the goat; but I am not an expert.

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Being a Basenji


You can’t just howl, bark, and growl; a Basenji has to yodel. The band, Focus, did some Hocus Pocus and made yodeling rock, but you know dogs at the dog park whisper weirdo behind the pariah’s back. The US Kennel Club put the Basenji  into the Sighthound & Pariah Group. Pariah means outcast, if you don’t know already.

The Pharaoh Hound may name and the looks suitable for Pharaohs, but the Basenji may have better bloodlines. The Basenji may have the title of First Mutt. When other breeds took over as top dog; the Basenji may have turned outcast. Pampered pooch becomes mongrel real quick, but the odd background casts a social taint. The Basenji hung around with the Pharaoh’s cats, way too long; it acts a little like one.

If I were a dog; I would be a Basenji. If I get another dog; I will get my personality doppelgänger. I’m leaning toward adding Basenji traits to my book’s main character. The one chapter; I most want to rewrite may get some yodeling. I have other reasons for this move, but I’m focusing on the animals in my book, during this session of editing and blogging.

I use animals because mythology uses animals. The guy-dog and the female-feline relationships, also play a part.

Left image from Wikimedia

Tesem, an old Egyptian sighthound-like dog

Right image from Wikimedia with the description:

Basenji Female Red 10 weeks of age
Date:  1 March 2014
Source:  Own work
Author:  Theodore.garland


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Mocking the baby

-Hey Diddle Diddle and Baby Bunting by Randolph Caldecott

Hush, little baby, don’t say a word,
Mama’s gonna buy you a mockingbird.

Momma ain’t going to get you those things in the song she sings.  She may give you a dog named Rover, rich kids might get the diamond ring, but I’m sure most of us never got a billy goat. She’s just mocking you. Payback for those presents you leave in our diaper.

Left image comes from, “Hey Diddle Diddle and Baby Bunting,” by Randolph Caldecott

On the right Audubon’s illustration of mockingbirds.


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Meet The Mockers

Franco Atirador-Raven_croak-horz

Mockingbirds may have the name, but Ravens and crows put the mean into the mockery. Other birds mimic humans better, but the raven and the mockingbird allusions made it into my first chapter. I remember a coven of crows holding their black mass in our yard. Many people may think a pink flamingo is Florida’s state bird, but the mockingbird has that honor.


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