The image on the right translates to,”This Ukrainian Prime Minister is a big boob.”

Many of my fellow Americans are idiots, but most can comprehend this statement.

The image comes from Femen’s call for a sex boycott. History and Literature buffs might call this “pulling a Lysistrata (a play from ancient Greece written by Aristophanes). The more apt comparison may come from then Judgment of Paris. The women in Lysistrata tried to end the Peloponnesian War, but in the latter tale Eris throws her “Apple of Discord;” Athena becomes a sore loser; Paris gets horny over Helen of Troy and steals her away, the Trojan War breaks out, and thousand ships launch.

America’s Feminist movement has left men at a loss as to what to do. Staring for hours at the boob might be the plan. Do we need to get all macho with Putin? Many Muslims may be thinking about how they need to keep their women all covered up. Maybe Ellen will host another Oscars.

America can’t save everyone. Do Feminists even want men to look at  boobs or are they save for Lesbian lust instead? Do we save the damsels, or do they want to cut off the balls from all the guys? Will Monica Lewinski volunteer to do Putin? Maybe he wants a guy. Who is the hottest gay dude? Will he do the job?

I can write this and I can contemplate the boob. I have volunteered before, my spirit is broken. I don’t have boobs to show; so I can’t excite or incite I will watch and wait. I’m sure a new historical rerun will show up soon. Will I get to see big another big boob or get stuck with a dick.

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3 thoughts on “Eris in the Ukraine

  1. I thought once women got into politics the world would become a kinder place–haha. No signs of progress on that front. But then some feminists missed the point. They thought by doing a half-assed job at imitating men would make them equal. Instead they’ve robbed dignity from both sexes.


      1. You make me laugh! Boys need strong, good fathers–not the Everybody-Loves-Raymond model. Women have to have better standards as well. Raymond’s wife on that show was a total cow. What a miserable portrayal of marriage and family (though sometimes it was really funny).


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