You may not know the language, but I’m sure you can figure out the last word on the sign translates to “bordello.” What may surprise you is the full translation. “Ukraine is not a bordello.” Femen wants to set up shop, so good news guys – topless protests. Bad news guys they may hate us. I wish Feminists did a better job of communicating their message. I still struggle to figure Femen out. Churches and strip clubs may find a common enemy in Femen. Patriarchal style religions, like Islam and Roman Catholicism, will feel their wrath. Many sex workers fight to ply their trade and consider themselves Feminists, but Femen fights the sex industry. I’m not sure if we get free topless catfights after the church protests. I suspect many Protestant faiths will not come under fire because they allow women to take leadership positions. The Lady Godiva technique they use to protest Putin and his Ukrainian flunky seems rather brave and worthy of respect. I’m still confused by who participates. Most seem rather attractive and the pictures lack male supporters. Thomas Pynchon uses a literary device, called the “story within a story,” in The Crying of Lot 49. I use the frame story technique; which, allows for many “stories within a story.” Femen does not fit perfect in my story, but my technique offers flexibility.  Femen shows similarity to the female characters in my novel. My title alludes to the ‘’”play within a play” and how Femen plays to my script. I’m sure Femen will get an allusion,  but the way people play to script intrigues me. The way people lose their identity to a group (i.e. religion) is something I want to highlight. Femen fits the heretic protester role of — rebel.


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