What leaves the imprint of the letter “f;” what casts such a shadow? Every font has a form; I chose a fave. My early religious and formal education lacked intellectual stimulation. I agree with the assessment of my personality type; I lean toward the abstract. Symbols light up my mind.

Some prefer the rhythm of poetry; I’m obviously more attracted to poetic symbolism. Hinduism offers me many symbols, but the religion demands too much cultural knowledge for me to fully understand. I show a portion of the Vishnu Mandala because I see a mind map structure in it. Mandalas and mind maps begin with a central image or concept and branch outward. Mind maps get messy fast and I want to try the Mandala technique for better presentation of my novels concepts.

I used MindMaple to make a mind map and it works fine as a working draft, but a simpler presentation seems in order. My novel uses focal points that can fit well in the ring surrounding the central image. My novel at one time centered on Florida, but my home state moved into the center ring as I gained focal point. I had a hole in the center.

The rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland fits, but the letter f might bring more order to my presentation. Feminists, freaks, fertility cults, fate, faith, fertilizer, Fortuna and Flora joined Florida in the center ring. Felines may end up in there too. I had a few more focal points, but I can branch them off the f-words. The letter f lacked in imagery until I applied more imagination. I’m not Salvador Dali, so I lack confidence in my ability to paint my mind’s eye. Cheating may become necessary. But I will dabble because I see Hope in the center ring.

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