Seeing the form of the letter “f” as a curved sword comes easy. A winged serpent needs little imagination for the transformation. Making the flower bud appear as the letter “f” may take some work but it looks doable. I believe Salvador Dali had the talent to make you see the crucifixion as an “f” figure; I lack the talent. I see the cross and the hanging head and I imagine a soul pulling away from the body might make such an imprint. My search for best fit for my purpose has landed on the Feathered Serpent.

I agree with Emily Dickinson, “Hope is the thing with feathers.”  Quetzalcoatl, the fertility deity from Mesoamerica fits this description. The Book of Mormon even equates Quetzalcoatl with Jesus Christ. My novel makes note how Quetzalcoatl’s dwarf association helped the conquistadors defeat the Aztecs. Dwarf entertainers came over with Cortes and many natives did see a link the Spanish and Quetzalcoatl.

Most know China’s love for dragons. The Norse and the Hindus may share the same serpent in their myths. Moses had a serpent staff.

The top left image shows a winged serpent as an Ourobouros figure. The Ourobouros acts as symbol for infinity or for resurrection. This association and the one with “Hope” works best for me. I needed a central image and a feathered serpent in the shape of the letter “f” works well. A gif making the f-shaped serpent transform into an Ourobouros  may overcome the annoyance factor.

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3 thoughts on “Four faces of f

    1. Thanks for the thought but I’m probably the office of dead chain letters. The dragon award falling by coincidence on m dragon post does seem a bit ominous. I did get something about what you wrote about yourself. I need to read the “The Screwtape Letters.”


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