Artistic types often bounce around in religious belief. The personality type on the right follow their senses; ISFP’s follow visual and musical style. The INFP’s chase meaning. The diversity in Protestant faiths brought forth diverse styling’s. Conformity to Roman Catholicism offered gave a Black slave better treatment than a White person of other religion in the Inquisition days. The freeform Protestant religions gave life to diversity in musical form.

Popes hated Pagans, but wore pagan symbols on their sleeves. Gods of old became angels and saints.  Roman Catholic artwork looks much like Roman mythology. Donatello’s David twins with Mercury. Anglicans and truer Protestants kept the pagan hate, but the latter left the hypocrisy behind. The Pilgrims threw away religious icons, but those ancient symbols do not go away easy – they cane back. The truer Protestants ended up with less visual art, but much more music.

Gospel is Protestant. The Blues, Soul,and Rock same those same roots. Many singers have a religious background because church is where you sing. Some Protestant churches even devote themselves to Heavy Metal. The Beatles explored religion, but state they left religion behind. They called themselves Agnostics, but artistic types can’t deny they have a soul. They can leave the religion behind, but not the spirit.

I show Jonny Depp as an INFP; he often portrays one and many label the actor as one. His Huguenot heritage plays a role in the book, but I suspect INFP’s had a big role in the religious split. Lennon sings about unity in his song, Imagine, but the individualistic nature of our INFP personality type makes us unlikely to conform to anything but Humanist Deism.

Catholic literally means Universal, but artistic types will never conform to such a strict religion. I’m not sure if Christina Aguilera is still Catholic, but I am sure her Catholic ancestors would persecute her as a heretic just like they did the Protestants.


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