“Your goose is cooked” is an expression meaning “no hope” They say it comes from the burning of John Hus for demanding  reform in the Roman Catholic church. I show, The Burning of Master John Rogers, who was also burned for heresy. Writing guides say to avoid cliches and idioms, but some belong for allusion purpose – such as in my novel.


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2 thoughts on “No Hope and the Cooked Goose

  1. For those from the Polish forum trying to verify this fact, I suggest you look at this on (and possibly the Czech film)

    It says:
    He was stripped of his clothes, his hands roped behind his back, his neck chained to the stake, wood and straw were piled around him neck-high. They say as an old woman brought her few fagots to the funeral pile, Hus cried out: “O sancta simplicitas!”—O holy simplicity. Another story goes Hus said: “Today you are burning a goose (hus in Bohemian); in a hundred years will come a swan you will not burn.”

    I believe the “cooked goose” phrase became a lamentataion. America was a Protestant nation so Jan Hus is somewhat a grandfather to our nation. Sorry, that is about all I know. Hope, I helped answer the question.


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