Older generations had more heart and brain. Notice the warning about advertising and payments.  Obama spends money on advertising to get you to pay into the heath care system before you even go to the doctor. You get no money back guarantee. The new system may work to my benefit, but my experiences leave me doubting.

Drug companies made a fortune when newer generations of politicians overrode previous wisdom. My pseudonym grants me little protection, but not I find it cowardly not to speak up. Quackery has become big business. Going to a doctor may have been the worst decision I ever made. I’m to a point that do it yourself surgery seems a wiser course of action. I don’t have statistics or a medical background, but my experiences make me wonder if we have improved over the years.

I rarely deviate from my book, but I am working on my fauna content. I need to make at least one jab at doctors. If I leave out the jab; I can chalk this post up as am “about the author.”


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