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Shaman’s deliver urine fortified with magic mushroom, but what happened to magic milk. Heiðrún (right) from Norse mythology eats off the tree called Læraðr to make the mead of einherjar. Domesticated goats gave milk long before cows took over as favored livestock.

The goat god Pan has old roots. Pan come by way of Egyptian mythology and the Goat of Mendes; also, known as Banebdjedet. One chapel record says, god Ptah took the form of Banebdjedet,the mother of Rameses II (the Pharaoh they named a condom after). Myth gets mixed up over time – Ptah (pottery god who made the universe) is Apis, the bull but becomes similar to the old ram god of the pottery wheel. Confused?

Alan Piper theorizes goats ate marijuana to produce mead. I put wormwood into the frame of my PhotoFunia app (left). I play around with theorizing recipes in my book. Wormwood seems safer for the goat; but I am not an expert.

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6 thoughts on “Groovy Goat Milk

  1. Love the goats. I never realized in the Bible when Jesus talks about separating the sheep from goats that goats were used to describe wild, sexually promiscuous people because the bucks are so insane diring rut.


    1. Goats do symbolize sex. Apparently goats and sheep choose not to mate when they share a field, but a stillbirth will occur if it happens. Some say the parable is about charity. I’m not sure shepherds actively kept the flocks separate. Animals follow the alpha male. You may be right, but I’m less than sure about what the parable means.


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