Amalthea Parabiago plate

My interpretation of the figures on the Parabiago plate differs from other sources. I think the hoof looking hand, on the woman, rests on a horn (even though it has some similarity to a snake). Amalthea, the goat goddess, nursed Zeus (I think baby Zeus sits on top of the Cornucopia). Names change with time and region. Mother Earth may fit s a better name for present day Americans, but I’m not sure the name works as works in England.

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3 thoughts on “Goat Goddess on a Plate

    1. The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle? I haven’t read; I just did a search. The WordPress reader must have some bugs. I follow you, but I’m surprised I don’t remember seeing a couple of your recent posts that should have attracted my attention.


      1. Yes, the Last Unicorn and also a silly regency romance! That reminds me, I should look to my Reader – it’s been suspiciously sparse -.-

        I really loved the Last Unicorn, and for a while I wanted to write something like it. But I don’t think that’s the best motivation!



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