We use the term fawning to describe the look Katherine Hepburn gives Humphrey Bogart. I prefer Katherine as an actress, but look at Audrey Hepburn’s eyes. Her mother must have gotten inseminated at a stag party. Audrey is only distantly related to Katherine, but she sure looks like a close relation to Bambi.

I’m pondering my deer allusions. I’m sure the doe eyed look will appear. I write about a fertility cult, so a stag or buck party reference may make the cut. Disney and deer play a part in Florida history, so Bambi has to show up. The African Queen has a link to Florida and will show up. I’m doubt I will use Audrey, but those eyes bring out the wolf in me.

All the images come from Wikimedia.

(top left) Tiere-Rehe

Joachim Lutz ruhendes Reh 1935 photo by Martin1009 Dec 2011

(right) Hepburn in a screen test for Roman Holiday (1953)

(bottom left) promo for The African Queen 1951

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