Hera, the cow-eyed goddess, competed for the title of most beautiful goddess in the Judgment of Paris. The Olsen Twins began their career at 9 months old; their big eyes played a part in the casting.

You see many large-eyed starlets in silent films. I show Miriam Cooper. The reason for the big eye love may come from the same reasons that inspire Japanese manga and anime. Large eyes give a wider canvas in which to paint a wide array of emotions.

Most young mammals appear to have large eyes – we see it as a look of innocence. Cosmetics can paint turn sulk or sultry with a few brush strokes. Beauty standards change somewhat with culture, but big eyes and symmetry may always have some draw.

The descriptions I use in my writing often drip with allusion. Cow-eyed may sound insulting, but it just alludes Hera. I may use a slight twist to this cow-eyed trap.

Mary-Kate Olsen (top right) and Ashley Fuller Olsen (bottom left).

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