Complete strangers have told me I look like Paul McCartney. I never saw the resemblance. These two pics lessen the differences in our eyes. A few minor changes to the right one might fool even me. I guess I’m sensitive to eyes, We have the same jowls, chin, nose, and mouth, but I have hazel eyes without the droop. I’m somewhat surprised how much rely on eyes to identify people.

Paul seemed to fair well with his look. I’ve always been somewhat aggravated by my baby face. I looked like a little kid in my Navy uniform.My aloof don’t mess with me personality never fit either. This is about as close to my face that I want people to get.

I will never understand how people with my personality type can deal with fame. If someone ever corners a famous INFP personality type could you ask them why they are still alive. Paul is supposed to be an ISFP and his type seems to handle fame fairly well. People should not blame Yoko for breaking up the Beatles; she may have kept John Lennon from killing himself. John may have even smiled at Chapman.

If I throw in a hangdog eye joke; this post tells you why.

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