Years back, I watched my cat go predatory on a snake. If a cat could talk, he might have said, “Finally, a worthy opponent.”

I’m not sure the term “scaredy cat” applies to cats. In some ways, they have no fear. Cats know when they leave themselves in a vulnerable position and “wary cat” may apply.

I did an internet search and saw a panther take on a giant python in the water. No fear from the cat, just an intense stare — the panther won. Pythons in the Everglades pose a problem, but people pose more of a problem to the panther than a python.

Snakes don’t blink, but they also don’t see very well. A cat does not have a blind stare, it sees all. Just like Ra – the sun. What the snake symbol in the Wadjet (Eye of Horus) means depends on whether the snake represents Apep (a rival to Ra) or Wadjet, an Egyptian snake goddess. Bast, the cat goddess, merged with Wadget so you see a cobra rising above the Bast (right side image).

The left image shows Ra taking down Apep, but some myths say Bast beat Apep. I don’t know or care much. The cat – snake link interests me more. I bet it has something to do with the stare down. Why the cat goddess married the dwarf god, who is Apis the bull, has me stumped. But what is love?

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