Where do you find meat? The place where you find death. Early hunters may or may not have played scavenger, but most likely knew vultures, buzzards, ravens, and crows signaled predators and prey. A test of manhood ma have involved killing a killer. I’m sure tiger teeth made quite the prize. follow the crows and you night find such a killer cat.

Many myths make it clear man chased after crows and ravens. Even predatory birds denote prey down below. What did the first Americans chase into this new land? Birds can tell you where the fish or the herds are, so chasing birds makes good sense and matches our known mythology. Kutkh (Big Raven) crossed over the Bering Strait. Flóki Vilgerðarson (Raven-Floki) actually used ravens to help find Iceland, so such lore does not just reside in myth.

I found an illustrated version of this song on Project Gutenberg and I made some changes to highlight the theme (The Tailor and the Crow, by L. Leslie Brooke). Man probably sang some version of this song, in the earliest of days.

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