Kelly Clarkson wrote a song in ode to her own hazel eyes. Peter Parker (aka Spiderman) is supposed to have hazel eyes. I have hazel eyes. We are true blooded mutts. We may look Caucasian, but our eyes don’t lie; they say mutt.

Hazel is like Protestant; it is difficult to define. If you think you can define these two terms; you define yourself as an idiot. Hazel does mean you have some hazelnut coloring in your eyes, but eyes are not a pure color and hazel eyes do not rarely lie about their impurity. Some may have a large amount of the hazelnut coloring, but most of us have other things going on and one hazel eye may differ greatly from another. Some hazel eyed people may have some green in their eyes, some with just blue may just give the illusion of green. How the hazel coloring spreads – differs from person to person.

I have a hazel ring around my pupil and around the hazel a slate gray coloring could have enough green to make it slate aqua (if you consider it a legitimate coloring). I often say I have green eyes even though the small amount of green tint may be more illusion than reality, but the overall illusion does often total up to an olive oil green. The blue-gray of slate blue mixed with the hazelnut with emphasis on the nut adds up to Maya green (Maya is a goddess of illusion; kind of like goddess Iris (who is married to Zephyrus in much the same way Flora is). In other words, Trickster.

Iris doesn’t always get listed as a trickster deity, but she fits the profile. Anansi is Africa‘s spider trickster. Spiderman is a trickster. Hazel eyes themselves are tricksters. Good choice on those eyes Marvel. The tricks to my writing come in form of allusions. Clarkson is eligible in my reasoning because she did the spring break movie (she might rather forget) in Florida. No plans for her allusion, but Anansi has one and might throw some hazel eyes onto the oding character (oding – as in ode, if oding isn’t a word).

The Peter Parker image is from the MTV series.

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