I use three female beasts in my first chapter because Dante used three in the divine comedy. I don’t use Dante’s beasts or even those pictured, but do use elements from Dante and these pictures. I make a point about highlighting “Milk.” Tricksters play a big part in mythology, folklore, and my novel. Uncle Remus (left image) gives us a collection of trickster tales. Romulus, Remus, and the she-wolf gave us Rome.

Alice Walker said Joel Chandler Harris (author of the Uncle Remus tales) stole African heritage. I wish we had Zora Neale Hurston’s opinion because of her anthropology and folklorist background. I’m betting Hurston would side with Julius Lester, a black folklorist and .Ralph Ellison, who both  endorse the Uncle Remus tales, according to Wikipedia. I’m not sure what Walker’s relationship is with her daughter, but I will also bet Rebecca Walker well see my reasoning.

I consider myself an equal opportunity misanthrope these days, but I can see myself mooring with Hurston if   Emily Dickinson has her fill of suitors. I much prefer Rebecca Walker’s version of feminism over her mother’s, but if I think I may prefer crawling into the coffin with Zora, if she will have me. Zora might have her fill of suitors, too. I need a list of authors to do in the afterlife. Even Christina Rossetti’s brother (Gabriele Rossetti), seemed to have a thing for her and have you read Goblin Market; talk about Super Freak‎, Rick James probably has her on turnstile.

Note to self: Consider a Christina Rossetti allusion. Big bonus –she’s part Vampyre; for real.

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