I am renaming John Travolta’s pose, in Saturday Night Fever; I now name thee — the “I Must Ascend pose.” I  thought up the name when I stumbled on William Orpen’s painting (top left) “Sowing New Seed.” The artist’s fertility symbolism is simple, but superb.

“I must ascend,” says the one child,

No, please stay with me brother,” says the other.

The Parabiago Plate has two little people striking a similar pose (lower right portion of the lower image). The plate depicts a fertility rite and I’m 100% certain that pose says, “I must ascend.”

Do you see Kismet in how the pose signaled Travolta’s own ascension? Kismet comes up often in my obsession with Florida, Flora, and Disney. Travolta even lives here in Florida, last I knew. I’m not sure who is writing this book that I call mine. The words, psychic and psycho, often flash across my mind, but psycho rambles inside my skull — way too often. Ponce de Leon even named Florida after the Easter-time festival that was once held for the Roman goddess –Flora.

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