A nun in the 1600’s saw the good in human sacrifice and an idiot Bishop could not handle the truth. I want to try and explain this to the bishop brained people, out there, what Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz meant. The Aztecs performed human sacrifice in good intent, but in mistaken belief. In the plant world, death does bring life. Humans come from egg, not seeds and a body planted in the ground does not spring forth human life. You do get some fertilizer; which, eventually feeds our idiotic masses.

The nun tried to explain how her fellow Catholics killed for much the same reason as the natives. Look at a gold or silver cross and see the Aztec “Blood Diamond.” Natives performed human sacrifice, so their god would provide the food and minerals. The Spanish enslaved and killed for those very same things. The good Sister saw this and the bad Bishop punished her for this insight.

A sacrificial victim may have seen a bright side in their death bringing about a gift from god. Catholic Conquistadors brought death, but did they give honor? I agree with the Catholic nun and side with natives on this honor issue.

I tried to explain this better because of the rancher’s comments (today’s news) on slavery. Human sacrifice and slavery are wrong, but there is often a little “but” attached to complex issues. Common laborers deserve higher esteem. Work has a purpose and gives a purpose. Hope comes with progress. How many see more hope in the lottery than in hard work? The Aztecs saw purpose in sacrifice. Did a cotton picker see purpose? Maybe they still saw no hope? Horace King rose from slavery. Did others? Did African-Americans lose when the North won the war? We will never know, but …

If a “Late Night” comedy shows asked regular people on the street whether people come from eggs, seeds, or nuclear fission; how may would give the right answer? Are people really any smarter than those Natives practicing human sacrifice. Is ignorance, a permanent human condition?

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